Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hot Bite

I had thought the old storage shed was sort of mouse proofed. Right - sort of mouse proofed - so OK, I'm an idiot.
After completeing a few more proofing measures, the trap line was set - one peanut butter baited Victor on each end of the 10x12 catch all. Off I went to the next item of bussiness only to return in less than a minute to retrieve the work gloves that I had left behind. There, a fresh mouse in trap A, still in its death throws! I reset the trap and headed out the door. Two minutes later and I'm back for another item from the shed and Bingo! - there's another mouse in trap A!   This bait, set, leave, and return routine repeated itself with a catch in each trap - mostly doubles - for about a half hour and then it was over, done, quiet. I got ten.

It was kind of like a hot crappie bite through the ice - barely keeping both lines baited during the flurry - and then nothing. Not another deer mouse has bitten the dust in four days, so perhaps the shed is sort of mouse proofed for now. Right.................. 

1 comment:

  1. Intense man. Mouse traffic. Way to beat them back.