Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kingdom of the other

They concern themselves not with the utter nonsense of humanity
Secure in their knowledge of nearly infinite existence
controlling the destiny of all things biological
alive, dying, and deceased
they wait

then erupt as ephemeral artworks

Stink-horn -  completely consumed by the scarabs within 6 hours

Lactarius ?

Parasitized and transformed into a lobster.

Chanterelle?  sauteed  with onion and garlic and a dash of wine, only to be tossed out after the first bitter bite!

Puffball, eggplant - it's all the same.
Boletes  key as edible, but no kings have been found to test my palate.

 Northern tooth. Beautiful massive and non edible.  An absolute lamprey.

Fairy wings on the back of a fallen maple.

Mixed bag.

Waiting patiently for the chicken, and it finally comes along, as it is the only one of this lot that I trust.

They concern themselves not.
I, however, must concern their siren beauty and quell the desires they imbue.