Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A brace for the broiler

Still no numbers of sunfish in the shallows.  Ones and twos at the very edge of last year's scirpus beds.
Lurking largemouth breaks me off in the thick shit - four weight dilemma.  Another warm day tomorrow, then back into the tank for a week.  Fish will be right on time, yet seem late, due to the fact that the lake has been open for nearly a month.  Hard to wait.  Need crappies. Need pumpkins.  Need more bluegill !

Monday, April 23, 2012

Canis lupus, turdis

Just at the junction of the minimum maintenance road and the half mile dirt track into my cabin, a pack of recently somewhat unprotected, shoot em if you feel threatened, grey wolves declared their presence. Right nice pile of poop, that. Plenty of wolves in this neighborhood. I see one or two each year. But they usually only leave a pile or two in the trail or the dirt track - just once in a while, just to let you know they're around- no big deal, here a turd, there a turd........   But this !  This is a proper display.  This is art. This is fecal art ! This just screams,  "Hunting season ?  Bring on your proposed hunting season ! We can give a crap about your freaking howling hunting season !!!"

This harsh place in April. High 30s by mid afternoon, then plunge to mid twenties as the sun goes down. Spring peepers jingle through the freezing dusk. A snipe wings his tremolo love songs throughout the whole of the night.  Drumming grouse claim and strut their favorite ancient logs. The rivers run at 4 degrees C. And the northeast wind will not quit. The urgency of springtime living fills these cold valleys.  Too cold for and old curmudgeon and his steelheaded memories. Check fish lust to comfort level ratio - comfort it is. Check fish lust to chore list ratio - chores it is.  Back to the west, where it is beginning to green up........where the sunfish have begun.

The wolves can have it. It is truly theirs.  I'll be back..............

Sunday, April 22, 2012