Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ice notes


the lake makes ice and music at ten degrees this evening
the dogs scamper onto the whitened sheet but are quickly called to shore
five stabs of the spud finds water
only three inches thick, i thought there would be more
the dogs cluster around for a drink of fresh lake water

i add our combined weight

the youngster 88
lassie 60
zane 72
too much for three inches
we'll return another day


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Grip

The long rod water has been tight for less than a week now
and already I'm Jonesin' for a shot of fluidity
Oh its a long dark haul to April
and yearning for lapping waves is pure stupidity
so for now I'll just have to dig these
Stormy Blues

Saturday, November 8, 2014


The spike buck was down in "the gully", a kind of go to spot that funnels deer into a shooting gallery when the bucks are on the make.  Sometimes they run the gully better than other times. The weather was not great - too windy to be much good for a predetermined ambush spot, so I went to the gully late in the day after freezing my ass off near a scrape made by an eight point camera trapped buck.  He never showed for a picture.

The spike buck thought he was being pretty big time. Thrashing a popple sapling and stomping his feet.  He was too busy being a tough guy to notice that I was getting closer each time he put his head down. At a distance of about a hundred yards, the shot was possible, if. The brush was too thick to shoot through, so I watched for what seemed like a long time. Ten minutes maybe.

I could see he had antlers and the body was bulky and brown. He would be a good meat deer. If only he would get out of that brush and into a clear spot. He continued to beat the shit out of the popple sapling. The cross hairs of the rifle scope were on his head as he finally walked a few steps up the side of the gully. Hmmmm - only a spike I see.

Pull it. . . . . . . !

The spike buck folded like an exploding prairie dog in a cloud of pink mist.

There is no catch and release with high powered rifles.

Game over.