Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Madness in November

Sitting in my tree over the past weekend, I pondered on the potential dreaded outcome of the pending election that would occur but a day after my 64th birthday. How did we get to this place? Several of my oldest chums have become of the paranoid "they want to take my guns away" mindset. They truly believe that there is an organized government plot to ruin their lives, belief being the construct here - it saddens me that they have long since forgotten how to think. My life and theirs have gotten a hell of a lot better since we struggled with Nam and Nixon all those years ago, then worked both our collective and separate ways toward jobs and careers and families and now nearly retirement at the end of the long haul. Sure it's all been hard work, but we still sit in trees each November in hopes of bagging a deer, walk the trails for grouse, blast into the sunrise at diminished duck flights, work the dogs on the odd rooster and care less about answering [no] to 20 questions on a two minute background check. Reality does not suck, guys.
Three bucks walked past my stand that morning - all safe - I guess I was not really interested in pulling the trigger. Maybe next weekend.

So on Tuesday, my short little spit of time in the cosmic ocean clicked another digit on the rusting counter. The old chums predictably voted for lunacy and I have become............

A More Reluctant Member of the Species.