Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five days in

September arrived on the crest of a calendar perfect cold front. Daytime highs in the sixties and seventies have replaced the tropical days of August.  Frost advisory tonight in the wolf country.
The dogs found a covey of grouse a couple of evenings ago on the daily walkabout and it seems that Zane may have figured out what his nose is for. Back on the same walk this afternoon and he nearly went on point, just as a big adult bird thundered out of the alders almost in his face. At five months, I have just begun to connect with him. I knew going into this that a Poodle is not a Labrador - right I was!

a.k.a        Zboy
                LC  (lamb chop)
                Mr. Bedlington
                Mr. Sands
                Hey You !!!
                Yea You !!!!!
                 Mr. Bedlington Sands

 Uncle Mike dropped by with a few goodies from the farm
 Apple pie and Crap-pie!


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