Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Solstice Blues

Inducing decay
to induce waiting
for a future yield
so it goes with Shiitake hope............

A storm damaged red oak seemed the perfect size for the try, the attempt, the next thing, project, whatever.  It's top had been completely snapped off about twenty five feet from the ground.  Still alive, it may have made it, these oaks being tough tough dudes.  No match however, for the Stihl with its newly filed chain racing through it like a hot knife through a cold block of lard. Really ?  Well, at any rate, short work was made of the young oak. Zip Zop

Nine sticks between four and six inches will get the the drill hole inocculation method of spawn transplantation.
There I said it again
One more time
it's a good word

Already we tilt back toward Autumn
What will be, a year hence
Shiitake hope