Friday, September 13, 2013

Bit by bit........

        There is but a dash of red and orange sparsely laid upon the forest floor now.  Not nearly enough to open the woods for much of a chance at a flushed grouse tomorrow morning. But the youngster is eager as always and Zane has not yet heard the blast of a shotgun. So, we will have a walk in the forest tomorrow. Ever so slowly fall is arriving. One leaf at a time.

At five and a half months, Zane is a practiced hunter of frogs, moths, dragonflies, chipmunks and other micro game. His powers of finding dead stinky stuff on our walks are remarkable. Its time to put those skills to the test on something a bit larger.  Perhaps we will be lucky enough to bag a bird or two. See how he reacts.........retrieves.........rejects...............shreds!!!  Should be fun.
Supposed to rain much of the day, and we need it, so there may be only a short time in the woods for us to experience the pup's first hunt. Always more water and boat/canoe/kayak training to do at home anyway. So far, so good - we haven't tipped over yet.

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