Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Venison Karma

There are a lot of good people out in the world
Kind, helpful, generous, grateful folks
The sharing of nutritional bounty and artistic beauty
Helps, I suppose to bind community and
Strengthen ourselves for the coming winter darkness

One of Blondie's patients gave her a beautiful rosebush
In gratitude for the care she received during a recent hospital stay
A genuine gesture to a true fixer of  body and spirit

Late in the afternoon, while digging the hole, mixing the soil
and preparing the mulch
I thought about the hue and fragrance and radiance
That might become the rose in 2018
All I really knew was that it was supposed to be red.

After dark, that evening
It occurred to me that I should make a cage for the rosebush
Protection from the deer and rabbits that are also part of our little community
In the morning.................
Too late.....
Really !!?   Errrrrrrrr !! Really !!!

I caged the rose, but where once stood lushness
now stood sticks

Deer season opens this Saturday
I'm not sayin' I have revenge in my heart
I'm just sayin'
"Beware Bambi - I know where you live"