Thursday, May 15, 2014

American Redstops

Flashy, bold, and energetic, the American Redstart has stalled its northern migration here for a few days along with hundreds of yellow rumped warblers, pine warblers, red winged blackbirds and tree swallows. Lots of traffic moving in the air and flitting through the cattails to feast on the early chironomid hatches coming off the pond.
Unfortunately for this pair, their migration ended at the kitchen window.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Each new May day
delivers forgotten colors
accumulating to cheer the heart

Monday, May 12, 2014


Is it that iridescent blue at the margins
the same hue as a steelhead's lateral line
fresh from the salt
or the rain running down the street
when the light is properly bent by a good pair of polaroids ?

Is it the inability to see them in the gin clear water
lurking there amongst the bending dead bullrush
the same as a frozen woodcock before the dogs
only visible at the flush ?

Is it the sublime take of the fly
wet, sunken, unseen, unfelt
the same as a buck materializing in the thicket
requiring instant reaction to snugly hook up ?

Is it the quiet paddle in the wide open liquid realm
many long months missed and yearned for
the same as the sound of a lover's voice
her caress so calm and safe ?

Though only a simple outing
with a cooperative quarry
and a break in the weather
it is all of this together

Finally spring