Sunday, November 18, 2012

Leave no trace

Of course there are different ways of walking across the land. Mr. Big's pursuer, I can assume, takes a different path than mine. He provides numerous clues about his life and character.  Clues which I would not leave behind for anyone or any thing to ponder.

Mr. Big's pursuer set up his tree stand in a 60 year old red pine that grows in the corner of property that he does not own and is not public ground.  It is within 50 yards of Mr. Big's prominent calling card. He smoked at least eight cigarettes while waiting for a deer to come within range of his 30-06. He used scent and wicks to attract a buck. He fired his rifle twice.

I collected his trash and took it home. He is a pig.

I find no evidence that Mr. Big was killed here.

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