Monday, November 5, 2012

And October is but a memory as well......

 Seems that I kept a more detailed and timely record of stuff when it was just a notebook and a pencil. Weather, phenology, what the fish were taking, how many fish got bonked on the head, flush to bag grouse hunting statistics, annual tally of trout kill and release, and the occasional crude sketch of some piece of beauty.  A few lines penned, just for the record, just for my consumption, maybe for later, you know - the dream of someday actually writing something worth reading.

Now with the ease (insert consternation here) of communicating in the digital age, I find that I don't keep track of much of anything in writing, either in the old notebook or on this blog page. Seems that I have more shit to do and less shit gets done. And less time, all the time.

And now October is gone.  September as well.  Best intentions were to splash a bunch of fall leaf colors on the page and wax on about living inside a kaleidoscope and how the sugar content was different this year, and how the colors were predicted to be poor because of the drought, but then No ! they were wrong, the drought induced brilliant colors! and how can the Theys of the world be so wrong and so right at the same time about the same thing.  And then, well that brought me back to politics and the presidential race and being so left and so right at the same time over the same things and negativism and attack ads and well.....  I was just about ready to shoot myself !!!

So, instead I took the young dog into the marsh. And the world just kind of slowed down for at least one morning. Ah wilderness............... The  sunrise was on time, the ducks flew, and I shot well. All the training paid off.  The youngster retrieved six birds!  And I didn't do any shouting or cursing.

I best go bird hunting again.  Soon.

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  1. Must be something when it all comes together like that. And to watch your dog go get some birds. Great photos.