Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last minute preparation

As the full February moon rises, the weather is poised to change. While it was again minus sixteen degrees this morning, and though it only reached eleven during the heat of the day, good times are forcast for the week ahead. Only the next two nights below zero, and then the warm up really begins.  It may go above freezing during the heat of the day. Oh joy.
The change has already happened out west. It is raining. Enough to bring the coastal rivers into spate. Just in time to escape this arctic prison. The mid forties will be perfectly tropical!

The Anishinaabeg call this moon something like Namebini-giizis, the Sucker Fish Moon.  That works for me.
The travel agent said that I should be sure to have my bags clearly marked. So as a last minute task, the bag was marked. Not a Sucker Fish.

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