Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Rewind #2

I had not used trail cameras before the year just past.  The original and primary intention for getting a trail camera was to try identifying the trespassers with whom I played a frustrating game of cat and mouse during most of January. I never got a readable shot of their license plates, although I had their truck pegged in short order. An exact ID was never confirmed, but once those boys figured out that Big Brother was watching, the game ended rather quickly.  No confrontation, no tense words, no Sheriff. Problem solved. Good usage of the trail cam.

The secondary intention was to see what might lurk around the Digs. Seeing tracks and scat of our woodland neighbors for all these years, with the occasional fleeting glimpse is great, but Capture Cam Portraits are too cool!
 Zippy the mystery thing - quite few of these fox, coon perhaps?
 Canis, lupis - the real deal!
 Looks like a lynx - too tall for bobcat.
The buck I did not shoot.

The cameras have been down since winter arrived, but now that the Polar Vortex has wobbled back north, I'll  be looking for critters again. Who knows what's out there....................

Bigfoot ? And his dog ?

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