Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Ten days ago, I had to escape from here to find some semblance of spring. The experience with Wendy B and the dragon's wind kick started the change of seasons. It followed me home and in the space of less than two weeks that change has been dramatic, culminating in the ice going out of the lake late yesterday.

This afternoon the water temperature was already up to 47 degrees - a remarkable rise from the 39 at ice out. Tonight a few showers fell and the smell of manure was on the soft breeze. Frost gone from the ground and the greening has begun. Everything is springing.

Waterfowl court, catkins swell, midges hatch, and sunfish seek the shallows.
It begins anew.

 Large black chironomids

 Alder catkins

 A fine little dink - first bluegie of the year !

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