Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Morris Dance one day late

Tonight the fish arrived for real.  The day was warm and one of the only calm days in a month, so I slipped the kayak in and headed for "the spot". Not a fish to be had.  Dink bass cruising all the likely early sunfish lies. Paddle to next spot, same deal.  Check water temp - 50 - yowser - that should work. Paddle perimeter and scan gin clear chara beds for signs of action - no dice. Head back to home farm and chores.  I'll be back at 8 pm.

"Bow Head Whale"
I like the way those words sound. I utter them aloud as the keeled hump of a lepomis cleaves the glass surface behind my nymph.

Then steering a thrumming, looping, struggle to hand
Another stunning variation of May color on a sunfish theme.
A smile commences.

Toss the fly at the point of the bullrushes
Nervous water that
tiny tiny tiny leader movement
another beauty

In the morning I am heading back to wolf country
brook trout with ramps and fiddleheads would be does not suck right now

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  1. No, looks like you got it made. Would like to eat those sunnies.