Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Salvation in the south east

Another week in the winter dregs and I would have done something rash
A road trip to the south east finally became reality just as the darkness began to close in.

In the morning
The south wind roared up the canyon like the hot flatulence from a dragon's ass
Saturated with the aroma of mud and earth and detrital springtime ooze
Cheering its destination, wishing its advance north, to melt all that has been frozen
I bowed, back turned, hat in hand against its fierce buffeting
Nearly too loud to allow the songbirds' trill to reach the ear
We flailed nevertheless with nymph and streamer
The temperature rose near seventy and the trout went nuts
Frogs began their urgent chorus

Winter madness avoided
The driftless area pulled me through
Beautiful indeed

Arrived back home on the dragon's wind
The snow and ice are now assuredly doomed
A huge debt of thanks is owed to Wendy B.


1 comment:

  1. Nice report. What a day man. Will remember it. Really enjoyed fishing with you and glad to see you get out in SE MN.